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Statues of ancient gods on Mount Nemrut, Adiyaman

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Adiyaman is a saga; a trysting point where yesterday, today and tomorrow come together. The city lies in the south east of Turkey in the central Firat (Euphrates) river region. Archaeologists have delved the background of Adiyaman to Paleolithic times. Gritille, Hayaz, Ancoz and Samsat, places in and around Adiyaman bear Neolithic (8000-7000 B.C.) traces.

The mystery of the beginning of times, a fascinating trek through the history of mankind, the craze of contemporary commerce - Adiyaman knows all. This roller coaster ride through time has given Adiyaman a bougainvillea of customs, mouth-watering food habit and an air of individuality. The rugs, kilims and saddlebags of yesteryear co exist with the five star splendor of hotels, raised by the oil boom. The `quaint` and the `new` live and let live, together.

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