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Amasya houses along Yesilirmak

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Amasya is a fascinating town in North Turkey set at the foothills of Mt. Harsena in Yesilirmak Valley. It is located in the region of the Middle Black Sea situated on the banks of the Yesil River. Amasya`s attraction lies not only in its natural beauty but in the historical value that this town with its 7000 year old history holds. Many civilizations have left their mark in this town. One claim to fame that Amasya has is that it is home to the famous geographer Strabo.

History of Amasya

Amasya was earlier a Roman city. Until 183 BC it was the capital of the kings of Pontius. Pompey made it a free city and a large administrative center in 65 BC. Under Constantine I when the Roman Empire was split, Amasya fell in the Byzantine Empire, which also had a large population of Greeks. Later it became the capital of Turkmen Danismend emirs, until the Seljuk ruler Qilic Arslan conquered it. During the rule of the Ottoman ruler Bayezid I, Amasya flourished as a great Anatolian center of learning.

Amasya should be an important stop for any tour of the Black Sea Coast. This town with its quaint mansions, historical sights and natural beauty is one of Turkey`s coveted treasures.

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