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Turkey Tourism Even More Affordable

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In February, Turkey’s correspondence between Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, Senator Maxine McClean and Turkey’s Prime Minister’s Ambassador, Ebru Gokdenizler included the future plans to build a stronger and more stable economic relationship between the two representative countries. They commented on the shared benefits of such an alliance.

The recent development for further cooperation between Barbados and Turkey to support Turkey’s candidacy in the United Nations Security Council for 2015/2016 has pinged on the radars of travel agencies offering local flights and flights to Barbados.

The two countries established diplomatic relations in September 1972 and they have continued to show support for one another. In 2010, the then Ambassador of Turkey H.E. Mr Nihat Akyol visited Barbados to attend the country’s 44th anniversary of independence. Since then, they’ve been very friendly.

A survey conducted by Thomas Cook Travel Agencies in cooperation with Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism concluded that international flights to Turkey and Barbados had increased since they got cosy.

Although economic trade has not been significant between the countries in the past, their desire to expand their Bilateral Framework, establishing a mechanism for political cooperation and information exchange, rather than view themselves as competitors. This means an increase in Tourism was inevitable to and from Turkey.

What does this mean for the average tourist visiting the historic and magnificent Turkey or the calm and heavenly Barbados?

No charges need to be increased to compensate for a flailing economy. With strengthening their ties, means that tourists and local visitors will find cheaper accommodation and flights should not be exorbitant.

Just another reason to book your flights. Visit the Basilicas, hidden Gorges, smooth white sandy beaches, sun-kissed weather and the exotic cultures of both Turkey and Barbados.