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Pool of a hotel in Belek

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Situated 30 kilometers away from the Antalya province and midway between Antalya and Side, Belek makes a quaint holiday destination. The ancient and the modern co-exist here to give Belek a unique flavor. A blend of historical sites, sun kissed beaches and world-class golf courses together with a salubrious climate make Belek attractive to the young and the old alike. Added to this is a wide range of luxury hotels to make the stay exciting and comfortable. Furthermore, a host of friendly Turkish people makes Belek undoubtedly warm and charming.

Belek has been developed as a holiday destination for tourists of varied interests. With its natural beauty of the sea and the mountains, its carefully planned golf courses and its rich history, it has something for everybody. So pack your bags and head for this exotic place where the past and the present have amalgamated to give you a dream holiday.

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