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Sunset in Bodrum

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It is surprising how places which once wielded such power and influence in World history has been forgotten only to be discovered later on as a hot travel destination. One such place is the beautiful seaside resort of Bodrum (Turkey) in the Aegean Sea. Ideal for your summer vacation its claim to fame is its being Herodotus` birthplace, the famous Greek Historian and the location of King Mausolus` Tomb, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. However, if history is not your forte, the simple beauty of the Bodrum countryside will surely conquer your heart. Summer travel will never be the same again with Bodrum`s inimitable art, enchanting music and multifaceted culture.

Bodrum is a perfect blend of the historical and the modern. A treasure house in its own right, on visiting Bodrum if nothing else you could at least ensure that you go down in history.

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