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Didim (Didyma)

Altinkum beach, Didim (Picture from wowturkey.com)

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The ancient city of Didim also known as Didyma is situated by the beautiful Aegean coast. Sheltered by gentle sloping hills, this beautiful seaside resort is only 75 kms from Kusadasi. According to a legend, the name Didim comes from the word "Didyma," that means "twin". It refers to the twin God and Goddess, Apollo and Artemis, who were supposedly born here. A mythological status to back the natural beauty of golden sandy beaches make your time spent in Didim to say the least, explosive. It is a blend of high adventure and complete relaxation, of the ancient world mysticism and the modern world enticement.

The subtly exciting atmosphere of Didim is almost contagious and once you get there you tend to soak in its slack lifestyle and laid back attitude together with the sun and the sea.

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