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Turkish Evil Eye Pendants (Nazar Boncugu)

Evil eye pendants are everywhere in Turkey

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There is probably no culture in the world, which is free from the clutches of superstition and to counter these superstitions, in every culture you will find people taking recourse to charms and talismans. The Turkish Evil Eye Pendants or the "nazar boncugu" is the Turkish means of keeping at bay the ills brought on by envious and greedy eyes.

There are no dearth of skeptics to question the powers of lucky charms and talismans. Nor are there people who wouldn`t scoff at the idea of the eye being evil and there being actually a pendant to protect oneself from this evil. But the Turkish Evil Eye pendant has almost become a Turkish institution, given its widespread presence in the Turkish social echelons and the undying faith of the people in its protective powers.

Turkish Evil Eye Pendants (Nazar Boncugu) | Origins of the Evil Eye | Protective Powers of Turkish Evil Eye Pendants