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Golden Horn (Halic)

View of Golden Horn, Istanbul

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Jason of the Argonauts found his Golden Fleece here. Golden Horn or Halic (pronounced hah-LEECH in Turkish meaning a body of water that divides) is a horn shaped estuary that bifurcates the European side of Istanbul. The aquamarine water of the Sea of Marmara form a peninsula with the estuary, which in turn shapes one of the best-known natural harbors in the world.

Hub of commercial activity in the Ancient World (it had been the eye of business in the Byzantine and the Ottoman empire), Halic lost its dazzle for a while, but has once again caught the attention of the world. An exotic past that satisfies the most puritan of cultural mavens, a landscape dotted with architectural gems, delectable variety of seafood that acts like a sweetheart with palates of every origin, scenic beauty that is a blessing to the eye- Golden Horn is a traveler`s delight.

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