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Snapshot of Istanbul from a church top

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Istanbul or the ancient city of Constantinople, spells splendor, magnificence and grandeur. Made famous by crusaders, this ancient city is at present Turkey`s cultural heart and erstwhile capital. Surrounded by the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, this important port city is positioned on both Europe and Asia. The important body of water dividing Istanbul into two is the Bosphorus, which is also the only alternative to reach the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. This strategic position maintains Istanbul`s importance on the world map.

There is much, which remains to be discovered in Istanbul and you cannot fully know it until you become a part of it, mingle with its crowds and get lost in its tortuous streets. Discover its history, its culture, its civilization and its treasures, and take home a horde of intoxicating memories to cherish. And maybe someday when you return you can relive them again.

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In Istanbul...

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