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Denizli Roosters

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These roosters are the symbol of Denizli and well-known all over Turkey. Their crowing performances are a big draw in Turkey. Earlier belief about its origin from Albania has been discarded. Now it is accepted that it is a product of the region`s long association with rooster breeding. This rooster culture is an elaborate and well organized activity. They are bred to specifications - physical ones being build, color of the body, eyes, combs and legs and weight. They are sorted based on these parameters.

More interesting and fascinating is the sorting done according to the quality of their crowing sound. Crowing performance requires use of all abilities including body positions. Breeding is carried out under state supervision. For a tourist with wider interests it should be a novel and fascinating experience.

Other attractions of Denizili are the forests and numerous picnics and camping sites that offer easy retreat. The Honaz National Park is situated 20 kilometers from Denizili. Mt. Honaz with its beautiful Alpine forests is the highest peak in the Aegean range and is a picturesque spot to visit. The remains of the ancient site of Colossac can be seen from here.

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