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Attractions in Kemer

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Kemer has a host of attractions to lure tourists and vacationers from around the world. Perhaps the biggest attraction of Kemer is its beautiful Mediterranean coastline. The cove beaches are an outstanding example of nature`s handiwork. The beaches offer a mixed landscape of stones, pebbles and sand.

Kemer proves to be the ideal choice as a showcase to Turkey`s traditional culture and ancient history. There are many historically significant spots at convenient distances from Kemer. And of course, Kemer has many local attractions to jazz up your travel experience.

The major vacation attractions include the Yoruk Park, Ayisigi, Chimera, Cirali, St. Nicholas Church, Ulupinar, Adrasan and Beldibi Inn. The Yoruk Park is set in the steppes theme with people dressed in traditional mountain attires. At the park, you can also treat yourself to some traditional Turkish savories like gozlem and ayran.

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