Main Attractions in Adana

Adana is a veritable paradise for the history buffs. Being situated in a fertile region of Turkey, Adana has been the seat of many a civilization and remnants of these various cultures still dot the city skyline.

Morning shows the day. And the entrance to Adana whets your appetite for all things old. To enter the city, you have to cross a bridge that was built by the Roman army way back in the 2nd century A.D. as you make your way across the bridge, you cannot but have a feeling of being transported back in time.

The most notable amongst these is the 300-yard long stone bridge across the Seyhan River. This stone bridge or Taskopru is the oldest bridge in the world, which is still in use. Built in 6th century A.D. during the rule of Roman emperor Hadrian and later restored by Byzantine emperor Justinian I, using the contemporary primitive means, this bridge is considered an engineering marvel of its times.

The ruins of a castle dating back to 782 A.D is another living and breathing piece of history in this city.

Turkish mosques are famed the world over for their grand, imposing structures and intricate and rich mosaic work in the interiors. The 16th century Ulu Camii (Great Mosque), Eski Camii (Old Mosque) with its elegantly restored minaret and Hasan Aga Mosque in Adana are no different.

Saat Kuleshi is a grand clock tower built in 1882, which would transport you to the splendors of a bygone era. The Ethnographical Museum, once a Church built by the Crusaders, houses a treasure trove of carpets, swords, tombstones and manuscripts, letting you have a glimpse of Turkish life. The Adana Archaeological Museum is worth a look too.

There are restaurants and quaint teahouses along the Seyhan Dam and Lake for you to enjoy a bird's eye view of the city while the nature lovers can immerse themselves in the beauty of sunsets.

Adana can be your starting point for the nearby beach towns of Karatas and Yumurtalik. The charming fishing hamlet of Yumurtalik also boasts of a harbor castle, standing tall and majestic in its antiquity. Anglers can take the trip to Camlik Park, 30 kilometers southwest of Adana.

Outside Adana there are still more places where you can take a trip down the annals of history. En route to Iskenderun, are some ruins from the Roman era, the most stately and beautiful amongst them being a 4th century A.D. depiction of the Noah's Ark in mosaic. You will be taken aback by the amount of detailing in it, which imparts realism to the entire work.

Bits and pieces of history are to be found in the dilapidated remains of a hilltop fortress in Yilanlikale. History has been preserved in an almost pristine state in the Byzantine city of Dilekkaya in the form of two beautiful and elegant mosaics and numerous architectures.

The summer adobe of King Asitawada, an open-air museum, Hittite tablets and Phoenician inscriptions make up the Karatepe National Park. Castabala and Toprakkale are other historical sites of renown.

If you are one of those who prefer to take it easy and just laze around while holidaying, Burucek, Tekir, Horzum, Karsan Forest and Zorkum are the places to be when in and around Adana. These undulating meadows, swathed in utmost tranquility are ideal to soothe the frayed tempers of travel-weary souls.
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