Main Attractions in Adiyaman

The continental climate of Adiyaman facilitates travel. The hottest spot in the area is undoubtedly Nemrut Dagi (or Nemrut Mountain). The Roman Antiochus I, king of the small Commagene civilization, built his own mausoleum over here. Gigantic busts of Apollo, Fortuna, Zeus, Herakles and Antiochus I are decorated as relief work. The nearby Karakus tumulus, surrounded by carved pillars with animal motifs, is said to be the burial site of the Commagene royal women. On the road to Kahta village (ancient Arsameia) is the 300 feet long single-span Roman Era Cendere Bridge over the Kahta Cayi (ancient Nymphaium River).

The legendary Ataturk dam is just 40 kilometers south of Adiyaman. The city center is dotted with the Fortress, Carsi Mosque, Old Palace Mosque, Kap Mosque and the Grand (Ulu) Mosque from the 14th century. The fortress of Adiyaman is atop a man made hill. Built by the Caliph Omayyad Commander Munsur Ibn-i Cavene to defend the city against the Byzantine attacks, this fortress now has taken the avatar of a park. The Oturakçi Çarsisi is the place to drive colorful bargains, be it handicrafts, rugs, kilims or saddlebags.

The ancient city of Perre, today called Pirin (just 5km away from Adiyaman) is interesting from archaeological and ethnographical point of view. The Adiyaman museum (closed on Mondays) is a veritable storehouse of exotica, collected from all these regions.
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