Mount Ararat, Agri

Mount Ararat (5165 mtr above sea level), the main peak in Turkey is higher than all other mountains in the United States or in Europe outside the Caucasus barring Alaska. The biblical Mount Ararat still stands as the snow-capped dormant volcano, which last erupted in 1840. They say during the mythological Deluge, Noah's Ark anchored on its summit. Noah first set foot on the wide plain at the foot of the mountain. An ark-shaped geological hollow near Uzengili village is believed to be the ancient Ark. Explorers like Josephus in about 70 AD and Marco Polo about 1300 AD referred the existence of Noah's Ark. However, you will perhaps like it as a beautiful resting spot.

Mount Agri's (Ararat) climate is extremely pleasant, sunny, warm and dry in summer. But in winter and spring it is gripped with foul weather adding woes to the mountaineers who are welcomed with occasional blizzards. It is advisable to climb the mountain between July to September. It is safest and easiest to climb by the southern side because of the strong winds. But always remember to take a guide along with you.