Alanya Attractions

Alanya has a long list of tourist attractions to its credit. The place abounds in natural beauty and historical wealth. The city is full of Roman structures and Byzantine churches with intricate frescoes on them.

Alanya is adorned by a 14th century citadel, which leads down to intriguing sea caves and grottoes. The Damlatus is a hot tourist destination. The caves are formed of curious shapes, stalactites and stalagmites with a unique humid atmosphere.

Alaeddin Keykubat built the renowned Alanya fortress in 1229. It houses the palace, churches, the huge lantern, Seljuk baths and cisterns. The Red Tower is the most prominent symbol of the magnificent city of Alanya. This octagonal prism is 35 m high and built with red stones. It was originally used to guard the dock and has many historical remnants in it. The dockyard of Alanya is also of historical significance.

The harbor of Alanya is a jovial place with little boats and many restaurants. You can take boat trips to the famous Fosforlu Magarasi (Phosphorescent Cave), Apiklar Madarasi (Lovers' cave) and Korsanlar Madarasi (Pirates' Cave). Apart from the Alanya Museum which house representations from the various cultures of ancient Turkey, the Seljuk ruins are just 5 km away.

Aytap, Syedra and Alanya Incekum are other places of interest close to Alana. You can travel to these spots to enjoy ancient historic ruins, the inns of Serapsu and Alara, the fortress and many other remnants of erstwhile civilizations. The Dim River valley is also a spot of exquisite natural beauty.