Alanya Hotels and Accommodation

Alanya is a mature summer vacation destination. It complements its natural offerings with luxurious facilities for tourists who travel there from around the globe. The major hotels of Alanya include Alaiye, Azak, Grand Kaptan and Serapsu. You can expect to find every comfort, personal care, saunas, hammam baths, swimming pools and much more. So, enjoy your vacation in lavishness and style.

Hotels in Alanya are many and varied to suit all purposes for all kinds of people. There are even hotels, which have special arrangements made for handicapped people. Like the Serapsu hotel that has reserved a percentage of its rooms for people suffering from certain physical disabilities. Apart from this, it is fully accommodated with every modern amenity for your comfort and luxury.

The Alaiye hotel is a large hotel not too far away from the sea and situated right in the center of Alanya. A steam bath, saunas, etc, are only a few of the relaxing facilities you get at this place, the rest is for you to come and discover. The Azak hotel Alanya is a three star hotel and a nice place to stay in when you visit Alanya.
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