Main Attractions in Amasya

Amasya offers many attractions to the tourist. If you are looking for a quiet holiday spot in the midst of nature then Amasya will be tempting enough. This river valley is bound on all sides with high mountain peaks. The valley is famous for its many orchards and plantations of apples, cherries, peaches and okras.

Yedi Kugular Kus Cenneti is a bird sanctuary located 7 kms from Amasya. This is a beautiful picnic spot with a scenic landscape. Here you will find more than 34 protected bird species like swan, wild goose, wild duck, angut, cormorant and heron. There is a walking course and amateur fishing facilities are available at the lake in the sanctuary.

The Borabay Lake region, about 65 kms from Amasya, is a wonder of nature with its magnificent view and fresh air. It has been declared as a tourist center and has been developed as a resort. It has bungalow type houses for the tourists and offers facilities for camping, picnics, nature tracking and resting.

Other beautiful spots you must not miss are the Barakali Waterfall at the Tasova County, the Yedikir Dam Lake, and the Omarca National Park.

Amasya also has a number of thermal spa centers for rest and rejuvenation. The Terzikoy thermal spring, Gozlek thermal spring or the Hamaamozu thermal springs are well worth a visit.

The Amasya Castle is another place to visit. It is located on the Harsane Mountain west of the Yesilirmak River and the city center. The castle has four gates and a water-well, ruins of mosques, and a dungeon. There is a laddered underground pathway that reaches below the river bed to the tombs of kings dating as far back as IIIrd century BC.

On the slopes of the Amasya Castle, you will find the Rock tombs belonging to the time of the Pontius Kings. A total of 18 rock tombs are present with engraved walls.

Ferhat Water canal was the town's source of water supply during the Hellenistic period. This canal is 75 meters wide and 18kms. long. It was built by digging tunnels at some places and building brick walls in others.

Some of the mosques that you must not miss are the Gumuslu mosque, Bayezid Pasha Mosque, Sofular Abdullah Pasha Mosque, and the Sirvanli Mosque Abide Hatun Mosque.

Amasya was a great center of learning and trained scientists, artists, poets and even the Sultan's sons. Even today, you can see the Theology schools that were built during the time of Sultan Bayezid Kulliye. The building is an example of the sideways residential mosque architecture popular in the later 14th Century. The Haliliye Theology School and the Kapi Aga Theology School are the other important Theology schools in Amasya.

Most fascinating parts of Amasya are the houses along the shore of Yesilirmark. The Hazeranlar Mansion is a particularly attractive building. This mansion was built in the year 1872 by Defdetar Hasan Talat Efendi and named after his sister Hazeran Hanim. This is a shining example of the elegant architectural designs of the Ottoman period. The Hazeranlar Mansion has been restored recently and now houses an art gallery and an ethnographical museum.

A visit to Amasya would remain incomplete without seeing the Mongol mental hospital with beautiful "Reliefs" around its portal and the Archeological museum, which has a collection of mummies of the Ilhani rulers.
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