Shopping and Restaurants in Amasya

If you are planning to carry back mementos from Amasya, marble apples from the orchards would be a perfect choice. Other gift items to be picked up can be handmade scarves, and home made kusburnu marmalade.

Amasya is a land of rich vegetation mainly because of its geographical location. Its cultural roots have also given it a variety of cuisine. So there are a number of dishes you must try out while at Amasya. There are a variety of soups like the Catal corba, cirikda cizlac and helle corbasi which are special to the region. You can taste exotic meat dishes like hengel, which is a kind of meat pasty, pancar - beet served with preserve of dried meat or kabak kabuklu pilaf which is rice with marrow scale. Even the sweet dishes like halbur cookie, zerdali sini sui pastry or the Yakasal pastry are worth a try.
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