Ankara Archeological Sites

The first in the list of archeological marvels of Ankara is the Ankara Citadel. The foundation of which was laid by the Galatians and was later completed by the Romans. The citadel consists of fine traditional architectural artifacts. Further, there are many recreational avenues in the Citadel like restaurants serving local cuisine, music and Raki.

Next on the list is The Temple of Augustus, the sole surviving political testament of Augustus is high on Ankara's sightseeing list. It was built by the Gelatian King Pylamenes in 10 AD and is considered to be a tribute and sign of fidelity to Augustus.

Ankara's archeological artifacts also contains, The classical Roman Bath built by Emperor Caracalla in 3rd Century AD with a 'cold room', a 'cool room' and a 'hot room'.
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