Aphrodisias Hotels and Accommodation

There are no lodging facilities at the actual site so you have to settle in hotels in nearby cities like Pamukkale, Selcuk or Kusadasi, however Pamukkale is most favored. The lodging facilities are comfortable and border on luxury, the services are exceptional and the food makes you feel at home. To cut things short the hotels in Pamukkale are an excellent place to rest in after a tiring day at Aphrodisias. The Colossae Thermal, which is also a Thermal Spa hotel, has room prices that include breakfast. The Lycus River hotel is also categorized as a Thermal Spa hotel and offers cheap rates. Other hotels are the Laruj Polat Thermal, the Villa Lycus, Hierapolis Thermal, the Savanna, and the Pamuksu Thermal.
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