Things to do in Ardahan

TFor the adventure seekers, Ardahan is well endowed with a skiing track open 6 months a year. 12 km to the center of Ugurludag in the village of Yalnizcam is a small skiing track where the snow never melts for half of the year. The newly built skiing track makes excellent use of this natural phenomenon to give the tourists a grand skiing experience.

A place as rich in culture and history as Ardahan is bound to have varied festivals and the tourists are promised a blast at these gala events. Each festival is different and has a theme. The main festivals are the Yellow Cheese Festival or the Kashkaval cheese, Animal and animal products festival (20 August), Honey festival, Goose festival (18th November) and the Cildir Lake Festival.

It is a known fact that Turkey is the place for carpets, but few know that rugs and carpets of Ardahan are famous regarding their production methods, vibrant colors and the recurring patterns. Other shopping items are handicrafts and local hand made goods that are excellent as memorabilia and as small gifts for friends and relatives back home. Whatever you do, always remember that bargaining is almost an art form here, and whoever is not acquainted with it, stands to lose.
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