Main Attractions in Ardahan

There is hardly any other city that can boast of so many palaces like Ardahan and their ruins adorn the whole city to this day; there are more than 16 castles here. The most important structure is of course the Ardahan Fortress that was a Seljuk creation and was later used by the Ottomans. The Ardahan Castle, another important building is a 16th century construction commissioned by Kanuni Sultan belonging to the Ottoman period.

Other castles of the city but in no way of lesser archaeological value of Ardahan are Kislahanak, Kazan, Hanak, Dedesan, Atlas, Karakale, Kinzi, Kirnak, Kalecik, Kol, Seytan Kurt, Mere. Sevimli, Savasir and Cak. If the sheer number of the castles and their architectural beauty does leave you breathless, there is more to discover in Ardahan.

The Posof Center Mosque is the most important mosque in the city and is extremely popular amongst the visitors.

If you are more inclined for the natural spoils however, Ardahan has many unique geographical creations to amuse you. The Ardahan Forest for one is a huge forest area covering 2500 sq ft situated in the province of Ardahan Merkez. Situated at a height of 1930-2291m, the forest area is covered with flora, fauna and swamp.

Nevertheless, if you are fond of water bodies, the Cildir province would be your destination for it has two main lakes of Ardahan. The Aktas Lake is a protected area of around 2700 sq ft, located at a height of 1798m. It is a salt-water lake and an important breeding place for birds. Rare species like Ak Pelicans and Tepeli Pelicans are a common sight here and hence a bird watchers paradise.

Another lake in this province is the sweet water Cildir Lake covering a huge area of 14000 sq ft. It is a bird breeding ground too and especially of species like Angit and Van Lake Martisis.

In the province of Arpa lies another lake named The Kuyucuk Lake. It is a sweet water body situated at a height of 1627m and covering an area of 219 sq ft. This protected lake has rare species of birds like the Dikkuyrak.
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