Main Attractions in Artvin

You can visit the many castles in Artvin. The Savsat Castle was built by the Bagratli Kingdom in the 9th century and later used by the Ottomans. Today you can only see some parts of the tower and ruins of the rampart walls.

The other noteworthy castles are the Artvin castle and the Ardanuc Castle in Ardanuc County. The later is one of the most important castles of the region and bears the inscription of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman.

Another important monument is the Balih Bey Mosque. There are many mosques, tombs and public baths found in the region. There are also some fine old churches of the seventh and tenth centuries.

Another attraction of Artvin are its arched bridges and fountains that have remained from ancient times.

The famous Caucasus Culture and Arts Festival, also known as the Kafkasor festival, is held on the Kafkasor plateau in late June at an alpine pasture 7 kilometers from the town. Its main attraction is the bull wrestling matches. You should not miss this.