Activities in Assos

Tourists flock in large number in this small, serene Aegean town of Assos, which is far off from the hustle-bustle of the more famous tourist spots of Turkey. Assos promises lots of activities and thus caters to the interests of different age group of visitors.

Day trips can be arranged to visit the famed ruins of Greek and the Roman city of Troy. These are about a 45 minutes drive from Assos (Behramkale, Asos), towards the North. Tourist buses are available or you can avail private conveyance to reach the spot. A solitary walk amidst the ruins, especially at night, is really therapeutic.

Water-loving visitors can indulge in leisurely swimming and Kadyrga beach and Antique harbor are best for swimming.

If you are a marketing freak then you can find some of the best quality olive oil, soap or carpets in this region. Some good handicraft items of this place are handmade towels, laces, etc. However it's essential to bargain before purchasing.