Assos Restaurants

You can try selections from the Turkish cuisine in Assos, in various restaurants.

Hasanaki - Hasanaki happens to be the most famous fish restaurant of Assos (Behramkale, Asos). Located amidst the camping sites around Ayvacik, this beach restaurant stands on a highway, which runs parallel to the sea. At sunset, the tables are placed on the sandy beach and the fresh air complement the fresh and delicious foods served at the Hasanaki restaurant. Local fishermen supply fresh fishes, octopus, squids, shrimps, etc and the vegetables are also grown in the neighboring farms.

Fenerlihan - This restaurant has a tranquil charm as it stands on the water at the end of the harbor. It offers magnificent views of the sunset as well as a mouth-watering array of foods. Though Fenerlihan restaurant provides a wide variety of traditional Turkish foods, its main focus is on seafood. Here you can make your choice from the fresh supply of Mackerel, Red snapper, Sea bass, etc and can also select the style of cooking like grilled or fried. Often there are live music shows at night.