Military Career of Ataturk

Mustafa Kemal embarked on his military career in 1911, when he voluntarily participated in Libya's war of freedom against Italy. He played an active part in the defense of Derne and Tobruk.

At this juncture, the Balkan War erupted and Mustafa Kemal found his calling there. He successfully served in the war (1912-1914) as a Commander. Eventually he was appointed as military attaché in Sofia (Bulgaria).

The First World War took place while he was in Sofia and he was appointed the Commander of the Anafartalar Group on 8th August 1919. He was placed at the helm of the Turkish forces in Anafartalar during grave times for it was at this time that the Allied Air Troops attacked Dardanelles and Mustafa Kemal saved the day at Gallipoli.

Mustafa Kemal also served in Caucasus and in Syria. Just before the Peace treaty in 1918, another feather was added to his cap when he was placed in charge of the Lightning Army Group in Syria.

He returned to Istanbul after the Peace Treaty.