Main Attractions in Ayvalik

Ayvalik's unique sandy beaches and architectural marvels make it one of the sweetest towns in Balikesir. Lots of churches and monasteries in this historical settlement add to tourists' delight.

The main attractions at Ayvalik are:
  • Sarimsakli: A white sandy beach resort, 8km from Ayvalik, ideal for beach lovers.

  • Seytan Sofrasi (Devil's Table): A hill, which offers a grand view of Ayvalik and its bay with countless islands from its top.

  • The Alibey or Cunda island: Reach there by Dolmus or by boat in the summer (recommended). Walk around to visit some monasteries and witness the beauty of sunset.

Unlike the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea is quiet and so Ayvalik may be chosen for summer travel. Just stroll around the town and savor the charm of lovely old houses lining the back streets. The life around is quiet and peaceful.

The town's busiest area is the harbor where fishing boats and sightseeing ships are anchored. Along the harbor are many sea facing cafes and terrace restaurants, which are thronged by Greek shoppers and locals.