Ayvalik Hotels and Accommodation

The Ayvalik Beach Hotel is housed on a private beach on the devil dining table road, 7 kms. from the city center. The hotel offers all modern amenities to its boarders, e.g. Health Cabin, Sauna, Parking, Garden, Gymnasium, Tennis, Billiards, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming Pool etc.

The Grand Hotel Temizel is a hotel with all the modern amenities to make your stay a delight. Laundry service, a hair stylist, a baby care center, beach jogging track and much more awaits you. The hotel truly lives up to its name.

Ayvalik offers guesthouses, bed and breakfast and motels all to suit your budget and style. Some of the other accommodation facilities are:
  • Ankara-Sarimsakli Mevkii
  • Billurcu-Sarimsakli Mevkii
  • Aytas Motel-Sarimsakli Mevkii