Balikesir Hotels and Transportation

Ayvalik is the best place to stay if you are visiting Balikesir. Ayvalik has 5,215 beds available in hotels and municipally inspected pensions. Among them are good modern hotels, one of them on the beach called the Ayvalik Beach Hotel. It is on a private beach 7 kms from the city center. It has a swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium, health cabin, volleyball, basketball, tennis and parking facilities.

The Grand Hotel Temizel also provides similar facilities in addition to a baby care center, hair stylist and a beach-jogging track. The hotel truly lives up to its name

For budget travelers, there are guesthouses and "bed and breakfast" motels. In short, Ayvalik can accommodate all classes of travelers.

Balikesir can be reached by road from any place in Turkey. It is connected by rail to Ankara, Izmir and Bandirma. Balikesir can also be reached by ferry boats from Istanbul and Bandirma.With the opening up of Korfez airport you can now fly in to Ayvalik, Burhaniye and Edremit.
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