More about Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

Turkey provides immense possibilities for taking off into the unknown on a balloon. Much of Turkey on the Asian side is mountainous and quite a few of these regions are unapproachable by road. Yet these remote areas boast of exquisite and spectacular landscapes. So there are lots of hot air ballooning operators in Turkey who would take you on a visit to these sites.

Such a region is the Cappadocia mountain range in central Anatolia. Nestled between the cities of Nevsehir, Kayseri and Nigde, lies probably the most stunning landscape in the whole of Turkey.

The Cappadocia mountain range is a region of soft volcanic rock. Over the centuries, the forces of wind and water have slowly corroded the rock surface to give rise to hundreds of unique shapes. Here you will find columns, cones and the legendary "fairy chimneys".

In the calm and tranquil surroundings, amidst the looming mountains, the sight of such massive rock formations seems eerie and astounding at the same time. You feel amazed when you realize that throughout the ages and unseen to human eyes, Nature had been at work creating such stunning structures.

Cappadocia Mountains is not only about natural beauty. It is also famed for its rich cultural heritage. The regions abound in the architectural splendors once created by the Hittites, the early Christians and the Byzantines.