City of Bartin

The old wooden houses in the city are eye catching. Constructions similar to these cannot be seen anymore. The architecture has the features of an art movement that came out of the Reforms Decree in the 17th century.

The Bartin River passes through the city and a boat trip gives a good glimpse of the lovely environs of the town.

The Cinci Hoca Bath and Inn and the Koprulu mosque are some of the other places of interest

The city also has good quality beaches. Inkum Holiday Village with its lovely setting and sandy beaches is one of them.

Every spring the city hosts a strawberry festival, celebrating its fame as a renowned producer of strawberries.

Located to the south of Bartin city is the industrial towns of Karabuk and Safranbolu. Their numerous old houses will remind you of an open-air museum. Safranbolu has kept alive original works of Turkish architecture. The saffron plants grown around it gave the city its name.