Kurucasile and Amasra

Kurucasile and Amasra are the other towns of historical interest nearby. Kurucasile has a castle, two churches and a seclusion cave inside the city. Parts of the old city like the forum, theatre, acropolis and the necropolis are below the ground. Kurucasile is believed to be the place where the first boat was built. The town still continues to build the most beautiful schooners in Turkey.

Amasra, an ancient city founded in the 6th B.C. is located on one of the highest spots on the Black Sea coast. Traveling through it, you get an idea of its rare and much acclaimed beauty. The town is built on a plateau and its eastern side is particularly suitable for swimming.

The Archaeological museum in Amsara is also an interesting place to visit. Both Kurukasile and Amasra have marinas suitable for harboring yachts at night.