Main Attractions in Bayburt

The city treats you with the remains of its Byzantine Castle. There are several fascinating mosques, Turkish baths and tombstones in the city as well as the Çatalcesme Underground City, which looks like the ones in Cappadocia. Nobody can resist the unalloyed and natural charm of the Sirakayalar Waterfall. Some other sites of interest are: Bent, Ali Singah, Meydan, Pashaogullari, Pulur baths, Bayburt Grand Mosque, Kutluk Bey, Pulur, Yukari Hinzevrek Mosques, Hart, Ksanta, Varzahan ruins, Korgan Bridge, Tashan, and Sehit Osman Mausoleums.

Two of the most significant landmarks in Bayburt are Ulu Mosque (18th century) and the Clock Tower in the city center. The twin mausoleums of Sehit Osman and his sister are situated on the hillsides at the southern entrance to the city. Osman Park on the Çoruh River is a lovely place to feel the languor of time.

Jereed or javelin is the favorite local sport. It sparks the same sort of craze that baseball does in America, the football in Europe and the cricket in the Indian sub continent. Derived from ancient war game, the local people organize tournaments of jereed with other Eastern Anatolian cities during festivities and weddings. A traditional type of polo, water buffalo wrestling and local folk dances are other pastimes.

Forty kilometers southeast of Bayburt, on the Askale road, set at an altitude of 2918 meters is the Kop Mountain Yayla. Buses from Bayburt pass by the Yayla. However, it is highly recommended to approach the place with provisions and sleeping bags in tow. The fresh breeze is tempting enough for staying a couple of days.
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