History of Bayburt

3000 BC is when it all started. Founded by the Azzi tribe, the Cimmerians passed through it in the 8th century BC. Meds and Persians were other invaders and settlers of the region. Bayburt was annexed by the Pontian kingdom in the 2nd century BC. Later, it fell into the hands of the Romans. They renovated the Bayburt Castle, which was originally built by Urartus.

The Emevis and the Byzantines played 'shuttlecock' with the ownership of Bayburt throughout the 8th and the 9th centuries. The Seljuks and the Ottomans continued with the 'tradition'.

Bayburt, about 77 kilometers from Gümüshane, had been called by different names. The Armenian Bagratids called it Paipert and the Ottomans Baiburt. It was here in 1364 that Alexios III defeated the Mongols and in 1462, Mehmet the Conqueror confronted the Akkoyun Ogullari. Marco Polo China. The town was destroyed in 1825 during the Russian invasion. It was rebuilt afterwards.
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