Black Sea Beaches in Turkey

Turkey's northern fringes also have its share of beaches that open out into the Black Sea. One of the most popular ones is the beach in Sinop, which houses a slice of Turkish history.

Sinop beach is a secluded spot with the chilly waters of the Black Sea lapping up against its shores. If cavorting in the waters is not your idea of fun, then you can visit the mediaeval walled city of Sinop.

The city of Sinop still houses the Alaettin Mosque which dates way back to 1267 and its seminary, the remains of the Balatlar Kilisesi which is actually a Roman Temple turned into a Byzantine Church and the few bits and pieces that are left of the Temple of Serapis. The town also has the ruins of the Cezayirli Ali Pasha Mosque, which was built in 1297.

The Black Sea beaches do not attract many tourists because of their frigid waters. So they are actually the ideal ones to visit when in search of some peace and tranquility.