Other Mediterrenean Beaches in Turkey

Near the Fethiye Bay is the Calis beach with its miles of sands. However, the buzz of activity is in the bay area with provisions for yachting.

Anamur, the southernmost town snuggled in between Antalya and Adana is a lesser known and thereby less-frequented beach, southeast of the town center.

This beach town boasts of a gigantic fortress, The Fortress of Mamure and an abandoned Byzantine town, and not to speak of the refreshingly secluded beachfront.

Accommodation can be had in the many hotels and inns, which populate the place.

Far from the madding crowds and tucked away 13 km away from Dalyan, is the Iztuzu Beach. Virtually in the middle of nowhere, this beach can very well be your own haven of peace, where you can enjoy a communion with your self, while soaking up the bounties of nature.