Main Attractions in Bingol

The Floating Island in Bingol is a wonderful gift of Mother Nature. Its formation and existential structure is quite interesting to look at. The Floating Island is located at the Aksakal region of Hazarash Village contiguous to the boarders of Solhan District. What is most fascinating about the island is that it can freely and wonderfully move about the whole lake without remaining fixed in one particular spot.

If you are a lover of exciting winter sports, you can easily take refuge in the ski lodge of Bingol. This fantastic resort is located 25 kilometers outside the city center of Bingol, in Central Eastern Anatolia. This ski lodge has a 50-bed capacity and the particular skiing spot is absolutely suitable for novices and enthusiastic beginners.

The Kos Thermal Resort is 18 kilometers north east of Bingol. This resort is situated on the highway to Karliova in eastern Anatolia. You are free to enjoy exciting water sports in the thermal springs of this resort and enjoy a wonderful holiday. The water of the thermal springs has a temperature of 47 degree centigrade with a pH value of 6.1 and is purely hygienic.

The beneficial effect of the thermal spring is that its water helps in treating abnormal physiological conditions like rheumatism, cardiovascular, gynaecological disorders, problems in the respiratory tract and unwanted psychological and corporeal weariness.

Bingol provides several hunting grounds for those who are extremely interested and passionate about exploring the wonderful depths of nature. It is indeed fun to go hunting for partridge, rabbit, woodcock, fox, freckled partridge and quail in the early months of September and October.

The months from December to January are just perfect and appropriate for fishing at the Creeks of Murat, Goynuk, Gulbahar, Gayt and Capackur.
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