Getting to Bingol

Structure wise Bingol is not a very large and wide spread area to reside. It is small but scintillating, providing ample opportunities for hunting, thermal bathing and winter sports. The Kurucadag Mountain positioned at the Yolcati province of Bingol is a fabulous tiny skiing area just about 25 kilometers to the city center. The best season for skiing lies between February and March and the destination is easily accessible by road with multiple bus facilities.

You can easily reach Bingol from all adjacent cities by bus routes. The bus station is situated at the core of the city center.

In Bingol you can find the railway station at the Genc District. With the help of this railway station you can easily reach Tatvan at the east and Elazig. The railroad will also enable you to reach Istanbul at the west.

The adjacent airport of Bingol is the Mus Airport (118 kilometers). From this specific airport you can get direct flights to Ankara except for Saturdays and Sundays.
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