More Information About Bolu

When it is climate, Bolu is not exactly continental. The summer temperature rises above 30 degrees; the winters are equally cold. However, this slightly unpleasant trait is rubbed off by its other charms.

The city is extremely reachable, either from Istanbul or from Ankara. Nevertheless, Ankara is the best bet as the trip from Istanbul involves crossing the Bosphorus and climbing up the steep Boludag Mountains to reach the edge of the Anatolian Plain. The Bolu tunnel, soon to be inaugurated would downsize this trek. Till date, it takes three hours from Istanbul and two from Ankara to reach Bolu.

Surrounded by woods, mountains, forests and streams, Bolu is a slow-paced celebration of life. Food fests, songs and dances are what make it tick culturally. Mondays are market days and you would find it to be extremely vibrant. It was and still is like a 'genie' of activity gushing out from an 'antique lamp', left untouched for the rest of the six days in the week.
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