Insuyu Caves

This spectacular creation of nature may not be the first item in your itinerary, but you should not miss it. This cave is the second largest in the world and is Burdur's most precious offering to the world. It is a 597mtrs long, horizontal and dry.

What greets the visitor is virtually a world populated by millions of stalactites and stalagmites of various sizes, shapes and formations. It is estimated that it must have taken thousands of years for the cave to form. The cave also has 9 lakes from where water flows out in small streams to other regions of the cave, so that it is possible for you to roam around in small boats. Cool and clean air constantly circulates through the caves

Visitors also come here to taste the waters of the cave, which is known to cure diabetes. Nearby is a staying facility provided by the City Private Administration.

The Insuyu Cave is 13 kms from Burdur and as it was on of the first caves to be developed for tourism, it is well connected to other towns.