Lakes of Burdur

Although Burdur lacks a coast, the lakes of the province provide ample opportunities to sunbathers and swimmers. It is also an excellent site for water sports.

The Centik beach on Lake Burdur is 8 kms from Burdur city. The lake itself is 4 kms from the city center. It has 70 per cent of the world's population of "erect tail" ducks - an endangered species. The lake is home to 85 bird species and is a protected area for several endangered bird species. It is also an internationally important marshy land.

Also, trapped in the mountains of Burudur, is the rarely visited Salda Lake. It is the deepest lake in Turkey. The waters of the lake are reputed to be among the purest and cleanest anywhere, making it an excellent place for promenading. The lake is surrounded by forests and has a lovely sandy beach and cafes, hotels and restaurants on its shore.

The Golhisar Lake, which lies about 100 kms southwest of Burdur, is excellent for fishing. All these lakes host a wide variety of flora and fauna.