Other Natural and Historical Sites

Natural Sites

Burdur also has attractive thermal spas. The Sutculer Sigla Ormani Nature Reserve is a protected forest area housing some of the rarest tree species for scientific and educational purposes. The Sigla tree is the most valued. Pine, oak and alder are the other trees that are found here. Sqirrels, crabs and reptiles also abound in this reserve.

Historical Sites

The ruins of the ancient city of Sagalassos lie 37 kms from Budur. It boasts the ruins of a 12,000 seater Roman stadium and tombs and citadel from the middle ages.

The ancient city of Cremna, 45 kms from Burdur has the remains of a Roman acropolis, forum, basilica and a library building. Marble statues of Gods excavated from here are displayed in the Burdur museum.

Another interesting site is the Hacilar Tumulus, located 24 kms. from Burdur. Excavations from the ruins here have unearthed artifacts of three ages, which are preserved in the Burdur Museum.

Roman remains of an agora, town hall, theatre and a monumental aqueduct are the main attractions of the ancient city of Cibyra.


The Ulu mosque situated over a hill in the Pazar quarter of the city is worth visiting.

The Incirhan inn is a caravanserai built during the Seljuk reign in the 13th century. Its most impressive feature is the plain and huge entrance door with the inscription, "Suzu Caravansary". It is located on the famous Silk Road.

You can see the Ottoman civil architecture in the mansions of Tasoda, Baki Bey and Misirli.

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