Main Attractions in Bursa

Bursa is the home of diverse natural beauty, which is complemented by its historical background. If you are a nature lover, you can go to seaside resorts of Mudanya and Gemlik. The former is dotted with fine fish restaurants and nightclubs, whereas the latter is known for the wide expanses of sandy beaches and high quality olive oil. The six hundred years old Plane tree standing on the slope of the Uludag also deserves a visit.

As far as history is concerned, Bursa has a lot to brag. Now, it is a rapidly growing industrial and commercial center but this province was the first Ottoman capital. Hence, it is endowed with numerous historical treasures like monuments, mosques, tombs (turbes), baths, etc.

Turkish baths (Hamams) are great places where you can take a relaxing bath in the warm, mineral rich springs. The oldest is the Eski Kaplica (old spring) and the best are probably the baths of Karamustafa Pasa.

In the district of Yesil (Green), lies the Yesil Cami and Yesil turbe. Built during the period of sultan Mehmet I, the Yesil Cami or green mosque with its magnificent marble works, is regarded the "jewel of Bursa". Just across the mosque, set in the green garden, lies the Yesil turbe, which houses the tomb of Mehmet I. The ethnological museum situated near the tomb is also worth visiting. Other picturesque mosques are Yildirim Beyazit mosque (first one built in Ottoman style), Emir Sultan mosque, Ulu Cami or Grand mosque (Seljuk style architecture with vivid calligraphic wall decoration) and the Orhan Gazi mosque (the Hiser).

Apart from these, the mausoleums of Osman and Orhan and the Muradiye complex are also "must-sees". The later houses the tombs of many Ottoman empires and the 15th century Muradiye mosque.