Main Attractions in Canakkale

Canakkale is gifted with innumerable tourist attractions both in and around the city.

Canakkale is beautiful in all seasons. It can boast of lush greenery, wide beaches, nostalgic ruins as well as mouthwatering Turkish cuisine. Talking about the historical attractions of the region, Troy and Assos come first. 30 km away from Canakkale stands the ruins of the legendary city of Troy or Truva whose origin dates back to 3000 B.C. This is the site of the Trojan war of Iliad.

The excavation has shown 9 separate periods of settlement including the remains of a temple, a theatre, city walls and house foundations. Assos, another prime place of history, was the site of the "School of Logic and Reasoning" founded by Aristotle in the 7th century.

In the site of Assos, a small village called Behramkale has materialized that faces the Gulf of Edremit. The famous temple of Athena (6th century B.C.) is located here. The magnificent view of the Edremit Gulf from the top of the Acropolis is also worth seeing.

Historical myths are also associated with Abydos, which lies on Canakkale's European portion (now known as Eceabat). As the saying goes, this is place where Leander swam over to visit his mistress Hero. This is also the spot where Xerxes built his famous bridge of boats (480 B.C.) Some other sites of historical attraction include the archaeological museum, the remains of the mine clearing ship Nusret (in the Naval museum), the village of Seddulbahir, the remnants of the ancient cities of Sestos and Gargara and the harbor of Alexandria-Troas (3rd century B.C.) through which St. Paul passed twice.

Moving to more recent past, you can go to Gelibolu Peninsula Historical National park that was built to honor the martyrs of the Gallipoli wars. This park contains several memorials, monuments and cemeteries, which are nestled in the beautiful and serene surrounding of Green hills, Tuz Golu (salt lake), Ariburu Cliffs and Sandy beaches. The Kilitbahir and the Cimenlik Fortresses built by Sultan Mehmet II (1451) on opposite shores are worth visiting, too. The latter fortress has been converted to a military museum.

Anzac cove located in the Gallipoli peninsula is the place where the Australian and New Zealand soldiers started their first attempt to invade this peninsula. There are several war memorials of foreign soldiers and also the Ataturk Memorial. "Kanlisirit" memorial and Lone pie gravesite near Anzac cove are also worth the trip.

If you want to explore the natural beauty of the region, come to Bozcaada Island. It houses a splendid Venetian castle, glistening white houses and restaurants and extensive vineyards. Another beautiful island is that of Gokceada, the largest of the Turkish Islands. It is encircled by pristine bays and is dotted with pine-olive covered green hills. There are sacred Monasteries and springs here. For those interested in beach life, the sandy beaches at Ayazma, Poyraz and Igdelik are best options.

You can avail the yacht tours and see the Historical or mythological areas here. Canakkale Marina, Gelibolu, Bozcaada, Karabiga and Kucukkuyu host the colorful yachts. Daytrips can also be availed to see the ruins of Troy, Assos or the Gallipoli National Park. You can also enjoy the solitude of beach life or can go camping in sites like Gokceada and Bozcaada.