Hotels, Restaurants and Transportation

Canakkale proper is very much accessible by road from the other main provinces of Turkey like Istanbul (310km), Bursa (260km) and Izmir (320km). Buses, minibuses and cars are always available. Beside this, the ferry service in this region is very good. Apart from the daily ferry service between Canakkale (on Asian side) and Eceabat and Kitilbahir (on European side), ferries also reach places like the Bozcaada Island.

As far as foods are concerned, Canakkale is known for its variety of fish species. Local restaurants are also very good at kebab specialties, particularly the Turkish Doner kebab. You must also taste the fabulous wines made from the Gokceada and Bozcaada grapes. Recommendable restaurants are Yalova Liman Restaurant, Canakkale Fish Restaurant and Gulen Pide.

For accommodation, Canakkale has various ranges of hotels and hostels. Boutique Anzac Hotel is an extremely comfortable hotel, which is located at the heart of Canakkale. It has a central location in relation to historical sites, restaurants, clubs, banks, pub, shop, etc. and is equipped with all modern amenities.

Other mention worthy hotels include Behram Hotel, Grand Truva Hotel, Tusan Hotel, Eden Beach Hotel and Assos Hotel.
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