Cost of Renting a Car in Turkey

Car rental in Turkey is available in almost all its cities, hotels, resorts and can also be booked online. You have a wide variety to choose the car you want.

The cheapest car you can get includes most additional charges like insurance, tolls, taxes, fuels and parking. However, it comes with a standard (manual) transmission and without any air conditioning. These cars are available in small local rental companies, which can offer you the lowest rates. If you are interested in hiring a car for the local sightseeing, nothing is better than these cars.

If you want a larger car that is more spacious, powerful and luxurious then you might have to shell out from around US$75 to US$90 per day. The agencies offering larger cars also offer better service with branches in many cities, towns and resorts making your job a whole lot easier. The larger cars are also suitable if you want to travel for long distances so that even if you have an accidents or breakdown the companies with its large network of service centers can reach you in time.

If you are traveling as a family with children in tow, then you could avail of child safety seats that are more than often available for an extra fee of about US$15 per day. But make sure you reserve yours in advance for it is always high on the demand list.

The actual rate of renting a car depends on many things, the main are the rental location, time period of renting the car, season of the year, rental agency, the car company and its condition and the type of insurance you cover yourself with. But if for example you ask the car to be delivered to a place where the rental company has no branch you might be charged extra for the delivery fee. Moreover, if you do not return the car to the office from where you hired it you might also be charged an extra transfer fee.

The average rental rates that you might come across that include most liability and accident insurance may range from US$35 to US$100 per day. However if surcharges like tax, fuel and other additional costs are added it might just be the double of what is announced.