Can I Rent a Car?

Car rental in Turkey is easy, provided you fulfill some requirements. The authorities in Turkey are especially strict regarding this and not everyone is permitted to hire a car. So if you have plans to drive through this land, make sure all your papers are in order and you are well over the lower age limit.

Other important things that you must always carry with you are a valid passport with a valid visa if it is required for your nationality. You should be carrying enough money to pay the security deposit for the car you rent that is around US$1000 and a valid credit card to pay for the rental fees.

The most important document regarding car rental in Turkey is of course your driving license with an International Driving Permit if you are not from a main country. You should have a driver's license for at least one year prior to renting an inexpensive car and at least a two-year old holding, if you want to rent an expensive car. Moreover, you should be at least 21years of age and above for hiring an inexpensive car and over 27 years of age for renting an expensive car.