What Secifications to Look for in Rental Cars in Turkey

Hired cars in Turkey are smaller, simpler and less powerful than in North America and Europe but are perfect for a single traveler or even for a small family. However larger powerful cars are also available. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while renting a car in Turkey.

Check the size of the motor before you hire it, as they may save you on the fuel price but may not be suitable for carrying too heavy a luggage or three or four adults. The motor capacity is usually measured in liters. Larger sized motors are also necessary while driving, since most of Turkey's highways are two-lane and you need a powerful engine to overtake the trucks that ply the road.

The next important thing you definitely need to check are the brakes, they are especially prone to failing while driving down a mountain. Take special care if you are traveling as a family, get thorough checkups and make well-timed stopovers to allow the brakes to cool down.

Most small rented cars lack adequate baggage space and you might need to accommodate some in your rear seat area. Moreover, it would be better if you carry soft luggage, as hard-sided suitcases are inflexible and tough to fit into the trunk or boot of the car.

See if it is possible to keep your luggage and belongings in such a way that it is not visible when parked. It is one of the foremost pre-requisites to security.

If you were thinking that you could drive in Turkey and let your hair be blown in the wind you had sooner abandoned the idea. For you really would not appreciate the warm humid air either on your face or your hair. Always check for air conditioning in the car especially if you are visiting during the months of June and September.

Finally and also one of the most important of all, check if there is automatic transmission, for most rental cars in Turkey have standard transmissions.
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