Catalhoyuk Hotels and Accommodation

Since Catalhoyuk is usually visited as a day trip there are no lodging places there, and you need to put yourself up at Konya. The hotels at Konya are suitable for all sorts of travelers, regardless of the fact whether you want to shell out a large sum of money or not.

Hotel Bera is one of the very best of Hotels in central Anatolia and is fit for a king. Complete with all the modern amenities it makes sure your stay at Konya is a time to remember.

Hotel Dundar is another name for luxury and is truly a lodgers dream come true. With impeccable services and fine relaxation and entertainment opportunities it truly reigns supreme amongst the hotel's list.

The Balikcilar Hotel is a 3 star accommodation facility complete with all the fineries that any lodge could offer.

The Yeni Sema Hotel is another place where you could plan your stay at and would not be disappointed.
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