Main Attractions in Cesme

The rich history and pleasant nature around cesme offers many attractions for visitors.

Cesme Castle
The castle was built in 1508 and represents typical Ottoman Sultan Bayezid architecture. This beautiful structure is also used for the International Cesme Music Festival, which is held in the first week of July every year.

Cesme Museum
The museum is situated inside the Cesme Castle and has a total of 477 items on display, consisting 320 archeological pieces, 126 ethnographic pieces and 31 coins.

Cesme Hot Springs
The health-giving properties of Turkey's natural hot springs have been renowned since time immemorial, and a trip to Turkey would be incomplete without a stopover at these hot springs. Make your way just 5 km from the heart of town to the hot springs at Cesme, if not to treat a health -problem then to simply luxuriate in the comforting waters of natural mineral baths. Cesme hot springs contain a high level of sodium chloride, magnesium sulphate, and calcium bicarbonate, and the water has a pH of 6.5. These waters are heated and used for treating rheumatic, dermatological and gynecological diseases.

Cesme is surrounded by small islands that can be visited and explored on various boat trips on offer. Alacati, Ildiri and the ancient city of Erythrai too are accessible from Cesme and worth a visit.